OK, now you´re just rubbing it in

Take a look at the Cracked.com front page. Go ahead, I´ll wait.

Yeah. It´s me again.

I don´t know what is going on, but judging by the existing evidence I must have been extra nice in a previous life, or last Christmas, or last Christmas in a previous life.
Seriously, I must´ve been like Gandhi. Granted, Gandhi probably wasn´t all that keen on Christmas, but…

…alright, running out of metaphors here. Just read the article, willya?




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11 responses to “OK, now you´re just rubbing it in

  1. The next time I venture back into Cracked writer’s lounge, I’m honestly going to bring the WordPress blogger’s thread back up and petition for all of us to form a comment section coalition. We have to fight back against those fucking Tumblrs, with their 83 notes per post. Why is it so difficult to get a measly fucking comment on our WordPress blogs? One of our Cracked articles goes up, 1,000 people come banging down on the blog, resulting in about 1 comment on one of our awesome , professional-writer blog posts. Some jackass posts a picture of a pork chop on their Facebook or Tumblr pages, and 38 people jump in with constructive criticism.

    I literally had to create a fictional blog character who vehemently and outspokenly hated women, children, everyone born after 1980, Iceland, China and all mom bloggers just to get to the point where 3-4 people would consistently comment on each of my posts.

    And they were almost always positive responses.

    Something must be done about this. P.S.- You are fucking amazing, Pauli. Not enough people comment on that fact, which is a grave injustice. But I am here to set things right.

    • That´s how it seems to go- Tumblr gets all the attention, while WP gets the silent nods. Works for me though, this way everything that is said is relevant. Mostly. Maybe. Er.

      P.S. Thanks Jason! Now get the hell back to the workshop to crap out gems such as the CSI one. Had me in tears.
      (And yes, although I usually never, ever speak ill of the talent running Cracked, in this case I´m talking about the author´s cut.)

  2. Good for you! I enjoy your articles very much and was pleased to see you, today, again! They should make you a senior writer already, right?

  3. Reneé Kazmar

    Hey dude! I read your article on Cracked then linked back here to let you know how much I liked it. You had me in stitches the whole time! I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  4. Rachel


    You are hilarious. I started reading Cracked a few months ago. Your articles are always my favorites. You have great talent!!! There is so much bullshit out there that is supposed to be “funny”, but your stuff is comic genius.

    thanks for making me laugh while I take 3,346 study breaks during exams 🙂

  5. jayle

    I came to your blog because of Cracked. I was expecting to read some more funny stuff…instead it’s just a non stop web log of every time you were published in Cracked.

    • You mean funny stuff like comedy articles? The ones you can find behind the button marked “Comedy articles”, or scrolling down a bit?

      Seriously though, you´re completely right in that most of my stuff here has been Cracked related recently, because, well, they´ve kept me pretty busy. Plenty o´crap coming here soon, though.

  6. I’ve read that cracked article – it was definitely enjoyable.

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