Cracked stuff, part treux

“Wait, what?” you ask? “Even more articles?”

Why, yes! Please enjoy my Friday Special. It´s about how mankind should save nature, and also about making bacteria poop.

But mostly about making bacteria poop.


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8 responses to “Cracked stuff, part treux

  1. Mike Goecke

    Okay, “Have you ever eaten cheap takeout or fast food, only to spend the rest of the night sobbing between explosive bouts of diarrhea and puking?” was an awesomely crafted sentence. Bravo to you sir!

  2. brayan

    I was amazed by how funny, informative and entertaining you article on was, really thank you 😀

  3. John

    Your articles are fucking awesome man! *2 thumbs up!*

  4. Lauren

    Hey, I really liked your article about how the universe can destroy us. Obviously enough to come to your personal blog to say so. One of the best I’ve seen in a long time. How do you do the research for this kind of stuff? Like, is it a topic you generally know about and therefore don’t need to do much research other than for having sources and fact-checking?

    • Thank you for your interest (and compliments)!
      As you may or may not have noticed, my writings tend to be on pretty much any and every subject from dog anus covers to microbiology.
      There´s a research method behind all that, and it goes like this:
      Read a lot, surf the Web, find something interesting, see where it takes you and take notes. Then, open a word doc and go nuts.
      The universe article, for instance, got its start when I was idly browsing Wikipedia, reading on Soviet Lost Astronauts (reading this sentence confirms you will assume full responsibility for the traumatic existential dread and nightmares you WILL experience if googling that late at night).
      Then, one link led to another and the word doc opened. Some sixteen hours of research later, a rough draft was done.

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